This database has been created to help breeders and puppy-buyers. OCD , osteochondritis dissecans, is a tedious and sometimes very tricky disease. Because of that I have experienced the need to create this database so that people can assess the risk of litters for this disease.

If you own or have bred an OCD affected dog, I wish you inform your dog to the database! I'm very grateful for every added dog - transparency is always better than hiding, and it is also preferred.


Best regards,
Marjo Saukkoriipi







Starting from April 2016, all entries will be sented via form. In the case you are unsure how the form works or you have done some mistakes with it, you are welcomed to send me an email and tell about your problem. Also if you have some .pdf-files or other files you like to add your yet-done entry, you could send me those via email. Photos of x-rays or a vet statement are also possible to sen me, but I highly recommend to adding them into some free web photo storage.

If you notice any errors of any dog's data, please let me know about it.




"Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) is a type of inflammatory disorder that affects cartilage. With OCD, a dog's cartilage cells do not form properly, leading to unusually thick segments that break away from their connected bones. The condition can appear in the knees, elbows, hocks and shoulders but is especially prevalent in the latter."
- Naomi Millburn, the Daily Puppy

I have collected some articles where you can find info about OCD - what it is, how a dog gets it, what the treatment is. If you have found a web site at your own native language, feel free to share the site with us and send the web address to me so I can add it on this page.