Highlight dogs

A little table of dogs who appears multiple dogs' pedigree. I need to ask you to notice, many of these dogs have lots of offspring, and the amount of OCD affected puppies after them is a couple of percent proportion the amount of healthy puppies.

Dogs with 20 or more affected offspring
Joe (ISDS272330)
Dogs with 15 or more affected offspring
Dogs with 10 or more affected offspring
Arien Aglar Wonderfull Dream
Dogs with 5 or over affected offspring
Apache van de Vrundenhoeve
Astra Pepper (ISDS278040)
Bayshore's Count Chocula
Bob (ISDS269836)
Border Tikas-Ulli
Bulldurham (LIR06113490)
Bwlch Hemp
Cap (ISDS213154)
Cheviot Jamie
Danielsson's Blue Heaven Aspaw
Dombäck's Lot (V1069/2003)
Emenems Jake
Fetch Granting Pleasure
Fleet (REGV1644/2000 | ISDS236328)
Ghost of Pinewood Country
I'm Smarti Gasko Prim
Jim (ISDS277807)
Laetare Bowler Jack
Liza's Border Q Red
Llangwm Valery
Taddymore Joe
Timothy Foxy Fox
Treloss Red
Yankee at Real Pearl