statistic - 22.04.2017
145 females (♀) ~ 39.0% 227 males (♂) ~ 61.0% total 372 dogs = 100 %

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HOT-dogs, the dogs with five or more OCD-affected offspring.

   dog's name   from pedigree

Country Dog's name Gender Affected joint Source
Austria Ellen of Bungee Bordersshoulder, leftbreeder
Austria Enya of Bungee Bordersshoulder, leftbreeder
Austria Firehillborder Atrejushoulder, leftowner
Austria Firehillborder Fernshoulder, bothbreeder
Austria Herding Devils Away to Me Paceshoulder, breeder
Austria Herding Devils Balance Bradshoulder, bothbreeder
Austria Lightspeed Guinnessshoulder, leftbreeder
Austria Liza's Border Yumashoulder, leftbreeder
Austria Llanfarian Salishoulder, bothowner
Austria Yogi E Bear of Magic Bordersshoulder, bothanother database
Belgium Jai (ISDS315509)shoulder, rightowner
Belgium Kate (ISDS315514)shoulder, rightowner
Belgium Luna Tale Justinkashoulder, rightanother database
Croatia Mawlch Delshoulder, leftbreeder
Croatia Mawlch Ffanshoulder, leftbreeder
Croatia Mawlch Iceshoulder, leftbreeder
Croatia Mawlch Tigshoulder, leftbreeder
Czech A'Dream in Blue Destiny Loveshoulder, breeder
Czech Abigail z Ceskych Hvozdushoulder, leftanother database
Czech Adam Excitershoulder, bothanother database
Czech Adriana z Ceskych Hvozdushoulder, rightanother database
Czech Aella z Nefritushoulder, rightowner
Czech Agi ze Staje Arnashoulder, leftanother database
Czech Aira Pitipitipashoulder, leftanother database
Czech Aithra Star Simple Eleganceshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Aiyta Sapanaskashoulder, rightanother database
Czech Ajzi Merseyshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Aki Z Krojcenkushoulder, leftowner
Czech Alex Bohemians Paradiseshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Amelia Merseyshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Amy Cookie Lighting Fireshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Annie Caramell Smart Destinyshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Apolena z Ceskych Hvozdushoulder, leftanother database
Czech Argema Under Rock shoulder, breeder
Czech Argonaut ze Stribrne Planetyshoulder, another database
Czech Aria Lighting Fireshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Armani z Ulicy Zamkowejshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Armin Blue Ponekashoulder, rightanother database
Czech Aroma Chilli Redrob Fenixshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Aron z Ginina Mirosovskeho Podbrdishoulder, rightanother database
Czech Arthur Plush Berryshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Asterix Bellus Nitorshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Ataya Wild Thiwaheshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Attie Brown Sunecashoulder, bothanother database
Czech AXIOS Without Bordersshoulder, rightbreeder
Czech Aylin z Krojcenkushoulder, bothanother database
Czech Ayrin z Jedelskych Dolecekshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Baby Doll Ponekashoulder, bothbreeder
Czech Basye Black Tenderline shoulder, bothanother database
Czech Black & White Katemyshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Black Pearl Ponekashoulder, leftbreeder
Czech Black Sheep Jillshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Blade Deabeishoulder, leftanother database
Czech Blanche Jackie Carwerashoulder, leftanother database
Czech Blonde Corlan Gishoulder, rightanother database
Czech Borderbay Dominoshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Bouncy Queen Ponekashoulder, leftbreeder
Czech Bubbo Jane's dogsshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Casey Eve Nebesky Senshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Cassis Aykyshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Cessie Wendajashoulder, leftanother database
Czech Christian Kogito Eastershoulder, bothanother database
Czech Ciro Hvezda Elsshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Clyde (ISDS323833)shoulder, rightowner
Czech Cola z Vysokeho Ujezdashoulder, rightanother database
Czech Cyrus Hvezda Elsshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Dag Small Speedy Dreamshoulder, leftowner
Czech Def Leppard Sub Tiliashoulder, bothanother database
Czech Dewey Arapaho Thiwaheelbow, leftanother database
Czech Diamond Rose Wonderfull Dreamelbow, rightanother database
Czech Dino Ferrari Speedy Dreamshoulder, rightowner
Czech Dreaming Princess Plush Berryshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Dreamwork Skyshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Eire Sunny od Kninicke Studankyshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Eireen Devon Exeshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Electric Brown Gasko Primshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Fiona Deabeishoulder, leftanother database
Czech Frisco (ISDS332070)shoulder, rightanother database
Czech Gawain z Temneho Hvozdushoulder, bothanother database
Czech Hachiko od Kninicke Studankyshoulder, breeder
Czech Heart Look z Temneho Hvozdushoulder, rightanother database
Czech Iggy Zelecsky Hradekshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Jasmine Flower Tennantshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Joe Black Devon Exeshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Joey Alkyrashoulder, bothanother database
Czech Keeny Rose Dajaverashoulder, rightanother database
Czech Kenzo z Bengasushoulder, rightanother database
Czech Kerrick Kogito Eastershoulder, leftanother database
Czech Kim Black Lee Halibashoulder, leftanother database
Czech Lucky Star Tennantshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Luna Tale Ichorshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Mawlch Yesshoulder, rightowner
Czech Nessie Rubinove Srdceshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Never Give Up Bohemia Patrixshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Nice Eyes Tennantshoulder, bothanother database
Czech North Gulden Landshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Odetta Fitminshoulder, leftanother database
Czech Oki Doki Aibarashoulder, rightanother database
Czech Ornella Muti Tender Flashshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Paddy Akumulatorshoulder, rightanother database
Czech Qua Qua Star Aibarashoulder, bothanother database
Czech Quicksilver Bohemia Patrixshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Rookie Stalk Bohemia Alkeshoulder, bothanother database
Czech Super Clyde (ISDS32383)shoulder, leftowner
Czech Tequila Aibarashoulder, leftanother database
Czech Very Vigorous Gasko Prim shoulder, leftanother database
Czech Vivid Aideen Gasko Prim shoulder, leftanother database
Czech Why Not Worthy Dajaverashoulder, leftanother database
Czech Winner Willy Dajaverashoulder, bothanother database
Czech Yours Forever Gasko Primshoulder, leftanother database
Denmark Daisyshoulder, leftowner
Denmark Eyegrips Barneyshoulder, owner
Denmark Fairy Idyll Fayshoulder, leftanother database
Denmark Glenalla Jessieshoulder, rightanother database
Denmark Lower Saxon Bleeding Loveshoulder, breeder
Denmark Solon (DK07077/2008)shoulder, bothanother database
Denmark Spirit (DK04283/2014)shoulder, bothowner
Denmark Ulkaergaard's Great Gilbert Zig Zagshoulder, breeder
Denmark Ulkaergaard's Holy Clivusshoulder, breeder
Denmark Ulkaergaard's Hour Driftshoulder, breeder
Estonia Walking Disaster's Lotus Evorashoulder, bothanother database
Finland Sanmar Justusshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Aby Gard Tepposhoulder, rightanother database
Finland Amazeme Northern Extremesshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Arwen (ER11318/15)shoulder, bothanother database
Finland Aventurine (ER18871/07)shoulder, bothanother database
Finland Bearpon's Veetishoulder, rightanother database
Finland Bearpon's Veivishoulder, bothanother database
Finland Bearpon's Vikishoulder, bothanother database
Finland Black Bonzo Nickishoulder, leftanother database
Finland Borderline Country Puccinishoulder, bothanother database
Finland Bostabyns Merlinshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Briskness Ronaldoshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Cabaroo Cactus-Eye Kateshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Cabaroo Keen-Eye Annieshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Cabaroo Wolf-Eye Farrashoulder, bothanother database
Finland Canyonland First Timeshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Charisa (FIN20057/08)elbow, leftanother database
Finland Clovermood Mollishoulder, bothanother database
Finland Cocopops (ER16565/09)shoulder, leftanother database
Finland Decathlere's Velocissimaother, leftanother database
Finland Decathlete's Nighthawkshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Decathlete's Raptorshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Diamond of Star at Sylvan Moonlightshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Dreadful Vixens Moaning Myrtleshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Dream Begins Lemon Dropshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Durante Sirius Juniorshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Enfieldenforcer (FI44158/09)shoulder, rightanother database
Finland Eyewitness Ewe-No-Meshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Eyewitness Soulmateshoulder, leftanother database
Finland For the Win Jackshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Frisky (ER31931/14)shoulder, rightanother database
Finland Funway Galand Mimosashoulder, leftanother database
Finland Jenzan Rappshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Jerry Ferencikshoulder, bothowner
Finland Karjapaimenen Ihme Iikkashoulder, leftanother database
Finland Karjapaimenen Lystikasshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Karmiwan Onnellinenshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Karmiwan Osaavashoulder, bothanother database
Finland Kismania Taifunshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Kvarkin Dom Perignonshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Lapintahti Fascinating Ladyshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Lapintahti Helmi-Jaashoulder, bothanother database
Finland Lapintahti Hilla-Maashoulder, bothanother database
Finland Lapintahti Odrastosshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Lapintahti Unitrashoulder, rightanother database
Finland Look Like Blazing Beastshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Look Like Daytrippershoulder, leftanother database
Finland Look Like Wonder Womanshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Lucky for You Red Reactionelbow, leftanother database
Finland Maccabee Twice As Niceshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Månfares Freddy Mercuryshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Mustan Magian Lizashoulder, leftanother database
Finland Myytin Valonkantajaelbow, leftanother database
Finland Nada (ER25121/14)shoulder, leftanother database
Finland Nani (ER40170/16)shoulder, leftanother database
Finland Never Never Land N'DJ Hi-Tekshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Nokkela Ideanikkarishoulder, bothbreeder
Finland Oakmeadow Tattoohock, bothanother database
Finland Oakmeadow Treasureshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Opal (ER18872/07)shoulder, bothanother database
Finland Overdo Kirishoulder, bothanother database
Finland Overdo Wantshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Päättymätön Kitkashoulder, another source
Finland Peatdigger Bradshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Peatdigger Zen Breezeshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Pikkupaimenen Newshoundelbow, leftanother database
Finland Popa (ER40169/16)shoulder, bothowner
Finland Poutapäivän Finest Caraseother, another database
Finland Punasukan Romeoshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Pythagoraan Forever Primoshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Pythagoraan Tiger's Eye Timshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Pythagoraan Vallhund Millishoulder, another database
Finland Pythagoraan Vallhund Terashoulder, bothanother database
Finland Quicket Ringmastershoulder, bothanother database
Finland Quicket Toy Storyshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Saunajaakon Cometshoulder, breeder
Finland Saunajaakon Speed Demonshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Saunajaakon Your Nightmareshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Shadoway's Cool to Be Meshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Shadoway's Illusion'n Dreamshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Sheepchaser's Frasseshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Sheepworld Keelanshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Sirkka (FI17258/11)shoulder, rightanother database
Finland Sizzling High Fidelityelbow, leftanother database
Finland Skogsvallarens Quickshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Solvallarens Charmshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Something Like Double Starshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Somollis Savannahshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Tammikallion Zagalashoulder, bothanother database
Finland Tending Brandshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Tending Dinahshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Tending Edgeshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Tending Erlkingshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Tending Fly-Flyshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Tending Panthershoulder, another database
Finland Tending Tremorshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Toberoi Tarragonelbow, rightanother database
Finland Toberoi Tiberelbow, rightanother database
Finland Tronic Wannabe Abysmalshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Tuimarin Mastersplintershoulder, rightanother database
Finland Ty Nant Lenshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Valmis Blackjackshoulder, rightowner
Finland Valmis Clintshoulder, bothanother database
Finland Viatt's Plootuhock, leftanother database
Finland Vindicate's Firestreakshoulder, another database
Finland Vindicate's Wildfireshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Von Schneeland Kaleashoulder, leftanother database
Finland Walking Disaster's Llewshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Weekasi Glad You Cameshoulder, rightanother database
Finland Wildmagpie's Maraboushoulder, rightanother database
Finland Woollandia Ilmarinenshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Woollandia Kaarina Maununtytärshoulder, leftanother database
Finland Woollandian Lautturishoulder, bothanother database
Finland Woollandian Salandershoulder, leftanother database
Finland WWW Aceofclubs Fishoulder, bothanother database
Finland WWW Aceofclubs Fishoulder, bothanother database
Finland Zac (ER50919/13)shoulder, rightanother database
France rVATQyoZycshoulder, rightbreeder
Germany Ainic of Jewel Dark Blueshoulder, leftbreeder
Germany Awake with Eager to Workshoulder, owner
Germany Bacardi Dragonberry from the Wild Powerdogs shoulder, leftbreeder
Germany Bonnie von der Muckenheideshoulder, another database
Germany Brooke von der Kleine Archeshoulder, rightanother database
Germany Conquest Robshoulder, rightowner
Germany Cuddly Fox of Mogwai's Castleshoulder, owner
Germany Devon's Dark Leeshoulder, rightowner
Germany Double Feature from the Heart of Bavariashoulder, another database
Germany Easy Eyecatcher von Der Kleinen Archeshoulder, breeder
Germany Eski-Van Quiet Bliss, another database
Germany Gregory Go Getter von Der Kleinen Archeshoulder, rightbreeder
Germany Hank from Shepherds Ownshoulder, another database
Germany Hardy von der Schabernacksbandeshoulder, bothbreeder
Germany Havelland Anjulishoulder, breeder
Germany I am Mac With Eagle Eyesshoulder, leftanother database
Germany Killiebrae Mirkshoulder, leftowner
Germany King of Hearts of Rainbow Landscapeshoulder, bothanother database
Germany Licasa Brainboxshoulder, leftanother database
Germany Lightspeed Jinxshoulder, breeder
Germany Limes Hill Armstrongshoulder, another database
Germany Mate from the Narrow Laneshoulder, rightanother database
Germany My Trusted Friend Jackpotshoulder, rightanother database
Germany Nature Mind Away to me Mickshoulder, breeder
Germany Quince Tree Aydenshoulder, leftanother database
Germany Spiffing Wit Bäxx shoulder, rightanother database
Germany Tending Wonderfulshoulder, leftanother database
Germany Tirtess Abarthshoulder, rightowner
Germany Trust Your Heart Bhricshoulder, rightowner
Germany Zabo vom Rehgebirgeshoulder, leftowner
Great-Britain Astra Majorshoulder, bothowner
Hungary Carbon (MET2906)shoulder, rightowner
Hungary Lucky Summer You And I shoulder, leftbreeder
Hungary Perfect Sense Arcusshoulder, bothbreeder
Hungary Perfect Sense Axisshoulder, bothbreeder
Hungary Trust Your Heart Dusk till Dawnshoulder, leftbreeder
Italy Alex Dei Matiblushoulder, bothbreeder
Italy Aranel (LIR0824598)shoulder, bothanother database
Italy Beck's Hill King of the Sunshoulder, bothanother database
Italy Epic Dei Matiblushoulder, bothbreeder
Italy Lapo Giannishoulder, bothanother database
Italy Zhina Dei Matiblushoulder, bothbreeder
Netherland Akane (NHSB2664711)shoulder, rightowner
Netherland Attair (NHSB2664710)shoulder, rightbreeder
Netherland Ayira (NHSB2664712)shoulder, rightbreeder
Netherland Dreaming of You Ought'O Be a Workershoulder, leftowner
Netherland Dutchfield's Nua Another Surpriseshoulder, rightowner
Netherland Poseidon from Let's Bordershoulder, rightowner
Netherland Sjefke (NHSB2690563)shoulder, leftbreeder
Netherland Wannahave Choc And Roll Elvisshoulder, bothbreeder
Netherland We Are One Dreaming of Youshoulder, leftbreeder
Netherland Whitemoorborders Zozoshoulder, bothowner
Norway My Trusted Friend O'Tikishoulder, leftowner
Poland Ability Chinski Pupilshoulder, bothanother database
Poland Amy Stella od Kninicke Studankyshoulder, bothbreeder
Poland Baca Bombshell Czech Fanshoulder, rightanother database
Poland Be Funky od Cenickashoulder, bothowner
Poland Billy Jean Dynamic Questshoulder, bothowner
Poland Black Booker od Cenickashoulder, bothowner
Poland Bright Side of Life Tan Energizershoulder, rightowner
Poland Buddy Wena Istnieniashoulder, leftanother database
Poland Chilli Valey of Bordersshoulder, bothanother database
Poland Czort Dynamic Questshoulder, bothowner
Poland Destiny Hope of the Futureother, leftanother database
Poland Dusk (ISDS332117)shoulder, bothanother database
Poland Firework Hill Surprise Spreeshoulder, breeder
Poland Focus Karnelisshoulder, bothanother database
Poland Ginger Cookie BC Vangeldisshoulder, leftowner
Poland Gothic Style BC Vangeldisshoulder, bothowner
Poland Gromit Border Songshoulder, rightanother database
Poland Ketschker My Jackalshoulder, leftowner
Poland Korso Dynamic Questshoulder, leftowner
Poland Legendary Stardust Seikoshoulder, leftowner
Poland Little Rarity from Animki shoulder, bothanother database
Poland Misty Highland Broncoshoulder, rightanother database
Poland My Clive Christian True Storyother, leftanother database
Poland Never Never Land P' Realelbow, bothowner
Poland Never Never Land Unique Iris Guinnessother, leftowner
Poland Never Never Land Ups-A-Daisyother, leftowner
Poland Never Never Land Whisky Macshoulder, leftowner
Poland Never Never Land Y'burn Outshoulder, rightowner
Poland Oshee Alcherashoulder, rightanother database
Poland Say Hi Nai I Wszystko Jasneshoulder, leftanother database
Poland Shakti Se F'reex Be My Patchshoulder, rightanother database
Poland Sir Jaskier Dynamic Questshoulder, bothanother database
Poland the M. Seven Bernardo O'Reilly Border Songshoulder, bothowner
Poland Valliant Nat Alcherashoulder, leftanother database
Poland We la Vie Est Bell True Storyother, leftanother database
Russia Welsh Riverdee Marvelous Matejshoulder, breeder
Russia Welsh Riverdee Marvelous Matejshoulder, leftbreeder
Serbia pIDRHIgLnnXXUsSdelbow, rightbreeder
Slovakia Apollo pod Mlynskym Kopcemshoulder, rightowner
Slovakia Crash Quick Angelshoulder, breeder
Slovakia Deejay Zouk Quick Angelshoulder,
Slovakia Fumetsu Hamyfashoulder, breeder
Slovakia High Tension Mrs Pure As Perfectionshoulder, leftbreeder
Slovakia Jedai des Crocs de Provenceshoulder, leftowner
Slovenia Bea (SLR400)shoulder, leftowner
Slovenia Elaeth Bubbles Blown Awayshoulder, leftbreeder
Slovenia Flying Paws Silver Bulletshoulder, leftanother database
Slovenia Flying Paws Simply Incredibleshoulder, leftanother database
Slovenia Flying Paws Sniff My Dustshoulder, leftanother database
Spain UiZzfhMacpbDWEEIelbow, rightbreeder
Sweden Öbetets Kimshoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Akersborg Janis Joplinshoulder, another database
Sweden Art (REGV1577/2013)shoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Blue Hiddens Gandalfshoulder, rightanother database
Sweden Blue Hiddens Gizmoshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Borderminds Miss-Valentineshoulder, another database
Sweden Borderness Nickshoulder, breeder
Sweden Bostabyns Khishoulder, owner
Sweden Budweiser (REGV1108/2013)shoulder, another database
Sweden Canovills Opieshoulder, rightanother database
Sweden Cera (REGV1812/2009)shoulder, rightanother database
Sweden CMM's Steelshoulder, rightanother database
Sweden Driving Joeshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Eazy Working Bessyshoulder, rightanother database
Sweden Emenems Arvidshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Emenems Cashshoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Emenems Fogshoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Emenems Ouzoshoulder, rightowner
Sweden Emenems På-Tvingashoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Everics Mollishoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Eye Dog Hazelburnshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Fårhundens Jackshoulder, another database
Sweden Fia-Friends Sal-sashoulder, breeder
Sweden Fia-Friends Tage-Tvåshoulder, breeder
Sweden Finnbogårdens Zaashoulder, breeder
Sweden For the Win Kirkshoulder, rightbreeder
Sweden For the Win Number Oneshoulder, rightbreeder
Sweden For the Win Teslashoulder, bothanother database
Sweden For the Win Zipshoulder, bothanother database
Sweden fPACgnXbYUxponVQshoulder, rightanother database
Sweden Guldgruvans Lupusshoulder, bothowner
Sweden Hume (REGV1651/2012)shoulder, another database
Sweden Jen (REGV1260/2010)shoulder, another database
Sweden Jillis (V1052/2003)shoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Kelligårdens Allyshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Kronvallaren Rebelleshoulder, owner
Sweden Kronvallaren Stratosshoulder, owner
Sweden Kvarkin Cristalshoulder, rightbreeder
Sweden Ladängs Ämilshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Lakrits (REGV1825/2008)shoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Loumils Gusshoulder, bothbreeder
Sweden Lovemix Glorious Boyshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Lovemix Heavy Metal Skyshoulder, another database
Sweden Måsarps Benshoulder, another database
Sweden Måsarps Tindrashoulder, rightanother database
Sweden MC Keos Dr What's onshoulder, another database
Sweden Memoars Urbanshoulder, another database
Sweden Molly (REGV1510/2009)shoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Mominds Elisshoulder, another database
Sweden Random Like (REGV1422/2013)shoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Seemework Zackshoulder, leftowner
Sweden Seglinges Jappshoulder, another database
Sweden Seglinges Primshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Skogsvallaren Väckhock, bothanother database
Sweden Spårglädjens Scottshoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Spex (REGV1099/2014)shoulder, another database
Sweden Strandängens Brightshoulder, another database
Sweden Sven-Snikenshoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Tazzehagens Ztormshoulder, bothowner
Sweden Tim (REGV1389/2011)shoulder, rightanother database
Sweden Tonedo's Working Vetoshoulder, bothowner
Sweden Tynnelsö Donshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Tynnelsö Jillshoulder, leftanother database
Sweden Vallarskallarnas Rammshoulder, another database
Sweden Vallhunden Aceshoulder, another database
Sweden Valltäppans Fokusshoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Viatt's Kivishoulder, another database
Sweden Viatt's Luckyshoulder, another database
Sweden Viatt's Sidshoulder, another database
Sweden Vretängens Mackshoulder, another database
Sweden Windanns Dolphshoulder, bothanother database
Sweden Zackriassa Betshoulder, another database
Switzerland Glen von Enggetschwilshoulder, leftowner
Switzerland Mind the dog Electrashoulder, leftowner
Switzerland Mystery Sunnyboy von Sumelocennashoulder, rightowner