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Please add affected dog's parents and grand-parents name below. If a parent has only one-word-name, ex "Ben", please type also it's register number, ex "Ben (ISDS123456)" or "Ben (NHSB1234567)" etc. Do not add titles or special/accent marks. Notice to type all numbers and characters together in a register number.


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You can choose from four options: owner, breeder, another database or another source. If you are not dog's breeder or owner, please give a link to the website where info about OCD can be found. Acceptable sites are dog's, breeder's or owner's websites and other databases. Also owner and breeder can add a link if they want; you can also upload dog's vet statement, x-rays or other proof to Internet, and give that link in here.

You can find an imagined tutorial of adding a photo to Internet from » here.

Please notice, all entries will be checked carefully. Sending this form you quarantee all info you got is correct, and you do not add a dog with the name of revenge, outrage or gossip.

I do not accept entries, where are used accent marks or if reg numbers and letters are written separately (ISDS 123456 is NOT acceptable form). This is because the manually coded searching tool and datace aren't able to reconize but just one certainly form.